Sep 08 2012

The Mummy in Finbars Hall

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I remember one of my older brothers bringing me to Saint Finbar’s Hall in Cabra West to see this film. I think it may have been on a Saturday afternoon. It was my first time to see a Big Picture and I remember the brother telling me what to expect. Now don’t forget that we didn’t have a television back then and the Ma’ was concerned in case I’d be frightened in the dark. On our way to the film my brother stopped at the Chipper Window at Cafolla’s on Fasssaugh Avenue and bought two Penny Fizz Bags and a pennies worth of Cleeves Toffees. As we came near to the school we could hear a terrible commotion. Be the jakers there were a million kids queueing up outside the school gate bursting to get in. I think they were the opposite during the week when the school was open.

When we finally got inside it was bedlam, the roaring and shouting of kids was deafening…‘We want the film…’. The Parish Priest and a couple of men were running up and down the hall shouting threats at those kids who were shouting loudest. Suddenly the hall fell into darkness as the lights went out. A hush fell over the audience in anticipation of what was to come. Suddenly the projector which was placed up on the stage kicked into place, a loud whirring noise shot around the hall and then suddenlly there it was…a moving picture up on the wall at the end of the hall. A great big roar erupted from the kids which almost lifted the roof off the school.

On came a short film of The Lone Ranger and Tonto…‘High Ho Silver Away…’ Suddenly all hell broke loose. There were bullets flying all over the place with the kids shooting at each other across the hall, each young boy convinced that he had suddenly changed into the Lone Ranger. They were diving under their seats to avoid being shot and roaring out in pain whenever a bullet struck home. There was greater entertainment off the screen than on it.

Then all of a sudden the film finished and the lights came on again. It was time to change the film reel. Lights off and action once again. Up on the screen came the title ‘Abbott and Costello meet the Mummy’. This time it was screams of terror that echoed all around the hall with the young girls screaming and diving under their coats pretending to be frightened. I was too young to understand what all the noise and fuss was about. Now I have to admit I was a little scared myself of the Mummy anytime it came on the screen. Anyhow it all finally ended and we had to go home.

At that time because our boys bedroom was so small the Ma’ had me sleeping in a cot. I remember lying awake for ages and being afraid of the dark. I was sure the Mummy was going to come into the bedroom and get me. I was having nightmares about it and woke up roaring and crying in the early hours of the morning. But I was grand when one of my brothers took me out of the cot and put me into the bed beside him. Well that film put me off going to the Picture House to see creepy films ever again.

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