Aug 20 2015

The New Liam Whelan Bridge 2015

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Cabra Bridge (8)


The new Liam Whelan  bridge on Connaught Street in Cabra…

Cabra Bridge (13)


A great feat of modern engineering…

Cabra Bridge (6)


The houses next to the new bridge…

A new railway line is being laid down through Cabra to accommodate the modern city train called ‘The Luas’. Now the old Liam Whelan bridge was the wrong size for this new contraption and so it had to be replaced with something more up to date. I stopped by many times to keep an eye on things, as we Cabra people tend to do and chatted to a few of the lads who were working on the project. There was one lad in particular who hailed from Leitrim that gave me all of the speel on the new bridge. And do you know what? he couldn’t stop praising the friendliness of the Cabra people who passed by everyday and especially those who lived nearby the bridge. So there you are now, like it or lump it, we’re stuck with it. Now why don’t you have a look at the video that I’ve loaded up on the front page of this site. and see more of the new bridge being put into place..


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