Mar 17 2015

The Old Kitchen…

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Ned Chrissie Kathleen Granny & Noel with old fireplace in Cabra West -1


My father took this photograph in the kitchen of 41 Broombridge Road about 1951. This is where my Granny lived with my uncle and aunt, Ned and Kathleen Burke. That’s them in the picture with my sister Chrissie and my brother Noel. What I like about this photograph is the old cast-iron fireplace. For some years now I’ve been asking people if anyone had a photo of their old fireplace from a Parlour House. Did any of you’se ever have one of those? They were multi-functional with two oven doors on the top and two hobs for cooking on below. Also they had a boiler at the back for heating the water. It was on top of the boiler that we always put our letters to Santy every Christmas. In the early days of moving into the Cabra Estate many families broke up furniture for the fire in order to cook their dinner. In some cases the inside doors were taken off their hinges and chopped up as were every second step on the stairs. I suppose it was a case of ‘Needs Must’…

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