Mar 20 2019

‘The Pictures of a Sunday…’

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‘Do you ever remember going to the Pictures of a Sunday after your dinner? There was always at least six of us Coffey kids sent off to the Cabra Grand every Sunday. I remember the Ma’ and Da’ waving us off and they both with big smiles on their faces, glad to get rid of us for a couple of hours or so. The excitement was great altogether as we met up with all our little pals who were heading in the same direction. The eldest of us had the money to pay  for us all into the Pictures and we each had two pennies to buy ourselves some sweets with. I always got a pennys worth of Cleeves and a pennys worth of Bulls Eyes, they lasted the longest. There was always a great big queue outside the Picture House, no matter what time you arrived at and you couldn’t jump the queue either because some “Squealer” was bound to tell the Usher when he came out and he might “Bar” you from going in. And nearly everyone had their favourite seats that they liked to sit in. “Here, Young Fella, that’s my seat, get out“. When everyone was settled in the manager would phone up to the projector room and the lights would dim down as the music began and then the Big Roaring Lion would come up on the screen. We’d all let out a great big roar of approval and the Usher would run up and down the aisle shining his torch at all the faces and telling us all to be quiet or he’d throw us out. Then a great big hush would come over the place and we’d all quieten down as the big screen was filled with a cartoon show followed by a trailer and then a man from Scotland yard, who was sitting behind a big desk, would come on and tell us about him and his pals catching all the crooks and robbers in London. We’d sit there with our mouths open as they chased each other across the screen shooting bullets everywhere. “Look out mister he a hind yeah” some lads would shout up at the screen. I well remember sitting there when the big film came on and it was a story with Hayley Mills in it and she thought this man was Jesus. I think it was called “Whistle down the Wind” or something like that. Now, that was the moment I first fell in love with Hayley Mills, I was nine years old, she was my first Moth. I remember hiding in the toilets so I could stay back and watch the film a second time just so I could watch her again, I had it bad I can tell you. So. then it was time for us all to go home for our Sunday Tea with an apple tart the Ma’ had baked while we were away. Sundays were always a great time for us…’

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