Oct 28 2010

The Pillar B&B Dublin

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I came across this old B&B sign over a doorway in North Earl Street a few days ago. It’s a gentle reminder of bygone days when Nelson’s Pillar was the focul point for many people coming to Dublin and for those  living in Dublin. Sure we all met the moth or a fella at the Pillar.  If you travelled up to Dublin from the country sure you had to go to Nelson’s Pillar to get your bearings. Me Da’ used to say that it was only Culchies that ever went up the Pillar. Anytime I’m in town or city centre as it’s called these days, I spend most of my time looking for anything to do with the original Dublin that we knew as kids. I’m sure in years to come people will be saying ‘Do you remember that ould fella who used to go around Dublin with his camera gawking at everything. I wonder who he was?’ I looked at the above  sign and wondered who ran that B&B. Because it’s so close to O’Connell Street and Amien’s Street train station perhaps it was mainly people from the North of Ireland that stayed there or people from Wexford. Years ago when we didn’t have shopping centres everyone went into town on Saturday morning to do their shopping. Yes folks I remember Dublin City in the rare ould times.

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