Feb 17 2017

The Shoe Menders…

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I remember the Da’ had a Shoe Last in his shed out the back. He used to for fixing and mending all our shoes, even the girls ones. The younger sister had a pair of new plastic sandals and a strap broke on one of them. So the Da’ put the sandal on the Shoe Last and sat it next to our Gas Stove in the kitchen. He got a knife out of the draw and held it over the flame on the gas until it was red hot. Then he put it on the strap and melted it onto the shoe before dipping it into the water in our sink. Other times he would cut up an old piece of Lino into the shape of a sole, put some glue all around the edge of it and place it inside a shoe. Then of course he’d sometimes put one of his old boots on the Last and hammer on a new piece of leather that he cut out of an old bicycle saddle. I think that most roads in Cabra West had someone or other who would mend shoes for a few bob. Who ever get’s their shoes repaired these days?…

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