Jun 01 2014

‘The Stations…’

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I remember one time when I was about twelve years old and in a mood of religious fervour during Holy Week I decided to go to Confession and to try my very best to be extra good. There I was on my knees in the Confession Box wearing Sack Cloth and Ashes and a face on me like a wet Sunday when the little window slid open to one side. ‘Bless me father I have…‘Do the Stations of the Cross’ says the Priest. ‘But Father…‘ says I ‘…I haven’t told you my sins yet’. Then he repeats himself ‘Do the Stations of the Cross’. Then without realising what was coming out of my gob I said ‘Ah Father not the full Stations, they’re too long’. Then he says ‘Well in that case you can do them twice‘. Well now I can tell you the door of the Confession Box opened rapid and out went all my good intentions. Then the Priest says to me ‘I’ll be watching you, so make sure to do them twice’. I hated doing the Stations because they took forever and anyway I was always in a hurry to get to the Playground. While I was doing them I looked up at Holy Jesus trying to carry his great big cross and being shouted at by those Roman Soldiers and I said to him ‘I know exactly how you feel’….

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