Mar 14 2018

‘The Tenement Room…’

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‘This photograph reminds me of the room my Granny lived in when she was in the tenements on Summerhill. Her room was up at the very top of the house and looked out over the front of the building. She liked that because she could see all that was going on down below and she could shout down to us to come up for our tea. It seemed to us as if there were hundreds of steps on the stairs up to her room. And we’d start counting them and get mixed up halfway there. When Granny moved out to the new houses in the suburbs my Da’ rented a handcart from a place in Granby Lane and loaded most of Granny’s stuff onto to it and pushed it out to the new house. He had to make several trips because she had so much stuff.  At first she found it very hard living out in the country, as she used to say. There were no shops nearby or anything like that, not even a decent bus service. She said that her first winter there was the worse because of all the snow and that. But eventually she settled in and never looked back because she had her own indoor toilet and running water. Funny all the same…’

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