Apr 22 2016

‘The Tommy-Hawk Gang…’

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Brendans Tommyhawks (1)

The brother made this Tommy-Hawk and Peace-Pipe just in case him and meself had a fallen out. He said that I could have the gun because it’s broken and won’t fire any Caps. You see, that way I can’t shoot him when he attacks me with his Tommy-Hawk. And then after we’re finished bashing each other we can sit down to a Pow Wow and smoke the Peace-Pipe. ‘Well…‘ he said ‘…that’s how it was done in the films on the Cabra Grand Picture House’. He has two tins of War-Paint that he found in the Da’s shed at the ready just in case I try a surprise attack. His Squaw told him to ‘Take that stuff off of me good table cloth’. When the brother showed her the blood on the top of his Tommy-Hawk she went all quiet. The brother is always on the alert in case the Calvery come along with General Custard, he doesn’t trust them. He only speaks to them with a ‘Forked Tongue’.  One time ten Comanche’s from Finglas chased him across the Rio Grand at Cardiffsbridge and he barely made it alive to his camp in the Bogey Fields. He goes around his house with a loaded Cap-Gun shoved down his belt at the back of his trousers, just  in case. Well now, I have to saddle me horse because I’m off to see the brother, I sent up some ‘Smoke-Signals’ to him on the old mobile phone…Adios or as the Indians used to say ‘He went that a way…’

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