Apr 14 2013

Then and Now…

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L-R: Noel, Brendan, Anne and Martin Coffey.

My Da’ took this photograph in 1955. We all went to Dollymount for the day. That’s me on the right, probably sulking for some reason or other. Where would Dublin people be today without good old Dollyer? I know we couldn’t have managed without it. It was the one place where my mother didn’t have to worry about, where we were or what we were up to. She didn’t even have to worry about any of us drowning in the water because the tide was never in. We didn’t have a bucket or spade between us. We used whatever we found on the beach to make a sand castle with. We certainly didn’t have computers, laptops, iphones, ipads, walkmans. mobile phones, flat screen televisions, internet, cd’s, floppy disks, headphones, holidays in Spain, microwave ovens, dishwashers, bicycle lanes, bus lanes, cash machines, credit cards, satellite dishes, central heating, our own car, oven ready chickens, a fridge, pound shops, Ryanair, oven ready chips, cans of beer etc  etc. But what we did have was a great childhood with parents that loved us, great neighbours, pals and loads of relations. We had great imaginations, give us the sandy beach at the seaside and we were happy. Do you remember?…Will I ever forget…’

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