Mar 04 2015

‘Those were the days my friend…’

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A bright sunny morning and me and the lads strolling over Broombridge heading up to see if there’s any talent hanging around the Cabra Baths. Not a worry in the world between us, foot loose and fancy free we were back then. One of the lads dragging on a cigarette butt he’d robbed out of his Da’s trousers pocket. Spitting over the bridge into the canal water below and just missing a poor duck as it swam past one of the many dead dogs floating on the water and the oul pram wheels sticking up like a German Submarine waiting to torpedo John Wayne out of the water. ‘Full steam ahead Captain, Martin Coffey and his pals on the bridge…’ And we hadn’t a clue that the Germans were watching us. Great days they were all the same…’Ten knots to starboard Captain, we’re heading to the Cabra Baths. There’s a gang of kids trying to escape on a dead horse…’

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