Dec 07 2011

Tidley Winks

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Someone in our house always got a box of Tidley Winks for Christmas. I only ever got one once. It was such a simple game to play and yet it could last for hours on end. Even the Ma’ and Da’ used to get involved in it. Our old kitchen table would be cleared off and the game set up with us all standing around the table waiting our turn. ‘Can I have the red one…’ ‘Will you ever wait your turn…’. Everyone was full of excitement and keen to get their go. The Da’ would place the little plastic cup in the middle of the table and hand out the little coloured plastic circles to us. Me Ma’ always got the first go and we’d scream with delight if it flew across the table and onto the kitchen floor. And then when it came to my turn I’d want everyone to shut up while I concentrated. With my tongue sticking out of the side of my mouth I’d ever so gently squeeze down and ‘PING…’ my little piece of coloured plastic would fly through the air and hit off the lip of the cup and shooting out across the kitchen would finally come to a stop under the kitchen dresser. While I stood there with a ‘Lip’ on me they’d all be roaring laughing and my mother would always say ‘Never mind, there’s always your next shot’. In our house we usually played this game and others like it on Sunday nights after our tea. Well we didn’t have a Telly back then…so it was make your own fun and entertainment night. Great family fun and great FAMILY MEMORIES.

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