Jun 26 2010

Til death us do part

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Remember those wedding days years ago when everything was in black and white? When all of the neighbours came in to see the brides wedding dress and all of the presents that she got from family, friends and neighbours? And of course you always had the Mammy and maybe a couple of sisters or best friends helping to dress the bride on the morning of the wedding. There were blood, sweat and tears by the bucketful and someone always stood by with a needle and thread just in case. The bride’s household would hardly have slept the night before. The groom went out for a few pints with his pals and slept like a horse. ‘His last drink as a single man. The men have it easy’. There was a great air of excitement and tension. Some families had the wedding dinner of ham sandwiches and a cup of tea at the home of the bride, followed by a gang load of guests heading off to the pub later in the day. The kids ran riot but what did it matter, it was a wedding and eventually everyone went riot. There were those young girls who couldn’t wait to get away from under the Ma’ and Da’ and get a man of their own but who always came back on a daily basis to ask the Ma’s advice on married life. There were those men who wanted to marry a girl ‘just like the Ma’. Someone who’d run around after them and wait on them hand and foot. Oh and don’t forget to have some change ready for the Grushy at the church.

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