Apr 23 2018

Tommy Sheridan…

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‘Young Tommy Sheridan probably had his First Holy Communion photograph taken in Jerome’s Studio in Henry Street. My own mother had a photograph taken at the very table Tommy is standing beside in this photo, when she was 16 years old. The First Holy Communion was always a very exciting time for any young boy or girl and sometimes you’d even have twins making it together. My mother would arrange for a loan from Mister Philip Radnor, a Jew-man who had a Loan Office in Mary Street. He’d call to our house every Saturday morning to collect the Ma’s  weekly payment off the loan. I think most children making their First Holy Communion spent the day being brought around to all of their relations by either their father or mother. My Da’ used to bring us into town to visit his two sisters, he come home at the end of the day half sozzled. Do you ever remember all the money in your pocket or your little handbag? Loads of Half Crowns and Florins. We were all spic and span going up tot he Convent Church that morning and half starved because we had to Fast from the night before but we were given a breakfast afterwards by the Nuns. I think one of my cousins got my Communion Suit because my Ma’ said that she had given to my “Uncle”. Great times alright….’

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