Feb 09 2013

True or False…

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That’s my dad on the right of this photograph. It was taken in St George’s Barracks in Malta about 1933. The other man is the Company cook. But anytime my father would show this photo to us as kids he’d tell us that the other fella was a prisoner that he’d captured. I remember years ago of a winters night and we all sitting around the fire in our kitchen. The only light came from the turf fire that threw great big scary shadows across the kitchen ceiling. Our little legs would be toasted from the heat of the fire. It was about then that my father would begin his story telling and of course they were just for entertainment value rather than anything else. According to his stories my father fought in the American Civil War with John Wayne, he fought in Korea alongside Audey Murphy and of course he single handedly captured Adolf Hitler. What great stories! The best one of all was the story about him fighting with the men of 1916 in the G.P.O. in Dublin, now you have to keep in mind that he wasn’t born until 1912. My Da’ was stronger than Superman. I know too that outside of our home he rarely mentioned his time in the British Army, it wasn’t an accepted thing to do back then. Like his father and many of his relations he only joined the army because Dublin had nothing to offer him workwise. Now I’ve started up a Facebook page called ‘Irishmen in Uniform’ (It includes women too) https://www.facebook.com/IrishmenInUniform?ref=stream have a look at it…

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