Jul 24 2008

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Here is a place where you can share those little snippets of video or movies relating to Cabra West/Cabra and it’s people.



Cabra West Canal Walk

‘Cabra Mass on Killala Rd 1991

‘Cabra Reunion Gold’

‘Cabra West Gold’

‘Cabra West At It’s Best’

Part 2

Check this out and see if you like it. After much blood, sweat and tears it finally came together. Many thanks to those of you who contributed to the final product. Hope you all approve…MC.


the-creoles-image005.jpg Willie Lynch once lived in the keyhole on lower Carnlough Road. He headed off to the United States to find fame and fortune. Willie is an accomplished musician and singer. He has entertained in pubs, clubs and on ocean liners. He plays with a very successful band of fellow musicians. Here is the latest update from Willie so click on and pay him a visit. There’s plenty to see…so just click right here and enjoy…http://www.willielynch.com/ ===============================================

Tribute to Marie O’Reilly

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jo-leonards-friend-112-3.jpgSubject: Tribute to Marie O’Reilly > Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 21:46:14 +0000 From: lisconlon@hotmail.com> > > Good Morning family friends and loved ones. > Today (16 May) is the 2 year anniversary of my mother’s passing. > I want to remember her today with a special tribute. My husband prepared a beautiful slideshow of her life for her funeral service. It was enjoyed by all on the day. We have uploaded the slideshow onto YouTube. If you would like to take a few minutes to watch the slideshow just click on the following link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgL98qOlcr0. If for some reason you have trouble getting there just go to You Tube and type ‘Tribute to Marie OReilly’ in the search field. That should get you there too. >> Have a wonderful day today. >> Lots of love….Lis :o) > > p.s. feel free to pass this link on to anyone you think might have an interest. ==========================================================

Photographs from a disappearing Dublin

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dublin-street-trading-1980s.jpg Pat Farrell is from Broombridge Road in Cabra West and is an amateur photographer with over forty years experience. When he was 12 years old Pat’s parents, along with his younger brother moved into Cabra West from the tenement houses in Church Street . The house was originally situated across the road from the famous Tap pub. If you actually stand in the middle of the road across from the pub on Church Street you will find yourself on the exact spot where their house once stood. Pat had originally attended school in Brunswick Street and he had one of the most famous and well known of school teachers, Paddy Crosby. Paddy of course is well known to us all from his days presenting the television show “The School Around the Corner”. Pat’s wife is one of 24 children. Like so many young boys and girls of his time Pat started his working life at the very early age of 14 years old. His first job was with Strand Electric in Abbey Street who where the Theatrical Stage Lighting Company of Ireland. It was from there that Pat became interested in stage lighting and is still involved in it today. He lit many shows in the Olympia & the Gaiety Theatres. During his time in Stage Lighting the company replaced all the stage lighting in Saint Finbarr’s Hall in Cabra West when the hall was fully refurbished. When the hall was due to open a major fire broke out on the stage and prevented the opening until all the stage lighting was again replaced and other damaged areas were fixed. During all that time of lighting up the stars Pat followed up with his own love of amateur photography. In the 1980’s Pat and his camera went on a walk-about in Dublin city where they captured the everyday life and heart of that city. Pat developed all his original black and white photos himslef. When Pat discovered the Cabra History.Com website he volunteered it access to his own website of photography. Here you will find an Aladdin’s Cave of beautiful black and white photographs depicting a way of Dublin life that has sadly left us, never to return. Pat’s site shows scenes of Streets Markets, the Horse Market, the Daisy Market, the Ivy Market and much, much more. Many thanks to Pat for giving permission to allow the Cabra History.Com website display his photo collection. So here it is folks…just click on the following and enjoy…MC www.dublinphotos.net


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