May 04 2012

Water, water everywhere…

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This photograph was taken on Carnlough Road near were several families of O’Neills live, near the junction with Drumcliff Drive. I haven’t got all the information on this one yet but as you can see the whole place is flooded. The Bradogue River runs under the road here and goes right under the houses on the far side of the road and out through the hills behind. This is what caused this flood to appear. In 2008 most of Dingle Road was flooded and the water cascaded through the houses and gardens and out onto Drumcliffe Drive. The water almost came up to the height of the front gates on those houses. Now the gas thing about it all is this, the government are planning on putting Water Meters on every house in the country because they say that people are wasting water. Isn’t that hilarious or what?…we’re an island surrounded by water, it rains 90% of the time all year round, we’ve more lakes and rivers than England… would somebody ever put the kettle on and only half fill it…we don’t want to be wasting water…


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