Jun 23 2017

‘We’ll have none of that…’

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‘Now, I’m going to tell you something for nothin’, when we were kids there was one very strict “Golden Rule” in our house and that was, you never raised your voice to the Ma’. Attempting to do so with the Da’ was a Venial Sin but sin didn’t even cut it if you raised it to the Ma’. And don’t even think of throwing a Temper Tantrum because the older brothers and sisters would come in on that one and you’d only ever try it once. And never try that lark with the Ma’ “I WANT, I WANT” because that was a one way ticket to a good hiding from the Da’. Now, we all loved our oul Ma’ and Da’ and no matter what they’d ask us to do we’d gallop up the stairs or to the shops without thinking. I remember one time the Ma’ asked me to go to the shops for a message and off I galloped, I never waited to find out what the message was and had to gallop back home again…’

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