Sep 04 2017

‘When I was a little boy’…Ray Hawkins

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This is Ray Hawkins who is home on holiday all the way from Australia. He’s nearly fifty years living “Down Under”. And here he is up along the canal in Cabra West remembering all the fish he nearly caught in the Naller all those years ago when he was a Young Fella.

‘Lonely I wander through days of my childhood
They bring back to memory days on the canal
Fishing and diving and robbing the orchard
I was the Lone Ranger and Tonto my pal.

The roads where the children played games all together
Swings on the lamp-post and Kicking-The-Can
Cowboys and Indians we’d seen on the Pictures
And every Sunday we’d go to the Grand

Lonely the house now where I lived with my Granny
Nobody calling to come in for my Tea
Gone are the neighbours and all of my school friends
Everything’s changed now there’s nothing to see

The ghosts of my childhood are still with me however
Down memory lane I now walk with each one
The Baths and the Silverspoon and a swim in the Tolka
Those were the days when worries I’d none.

So lonely I wander through days of my childhood
Some sad and some happy but great memories too
I’m grateful for all that I have been blessed with
My wife and my family and each one of you…’

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