Jul 06 2018

‘When I was just a little boy…’

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‘Would you ever know all the same what might pop up from your past? Some of my Da’s photos from years go were just recently discovered. And here’s one of meself at three years of age, standing on a chair in our back yard on Killala Road, the Da’ probably found the chair up at the Dump. The box thing in the background was my Da’s early version of a “Chicken Run”. I can remember from back then and he arriving home from work with a little box on the back carrier of his bike and it full to bursting with little yellow chicks. My Ma’ bought three of us boys a brown corduroy suit each in the “Blackrock” shop in Grantham Street. They were always that little bit too big but she’d always tell you that “You’ll grow into it” and we did. Well, I’m off now, to look at a few more of these newly discovered treasures…’

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