May 08 2016

‘You’ve had your Chips, Elvis…’

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‘Now, I’m generally banned where this type of cooking is concerned. You see, back in the day, 1966 to be exact, the Ma’ took our gang of kids to England to visit the sister. She left me and the Da’ at home. He had been given strict instructions to keep me away from the gas stove and cooking. Well I came in from work one evening and put the chip pan on. I was playing in a group at the time and we had a gig on that night. So after I put the chip pan on I went upstairs to my guitar and stood in front of the mirror at the top of our stairs thinking I was Elvis. Now it didn’t take too long for the smoke from the kitchen to run up our stairs to let me know that I was in big trouble. Stop the lights, our kitchen was covered in black smoke with the new plastic tiles on the wall at the back of the gas stove curling up and melting from the heat. As I threw the chip pan out the back door the grease splashed up onto the net curtain the Ma’ had on the door and it burst into flames. I could feel the Brylcreme in me hair melting down the back of me neck. Sure even the plastic lampshade was melting and dripping down onto our table lino that the Ma’ had bought in Frawley’s in Thomas Street. I can tell you now that my chips were certainly cooked that day. A whiter shade of pale wasTop of the Pops and the Hippys were all over San Francisco with flowers in their hair and here was me looking like one of the Black and White Minstrals from Sunday Night at the London Palladium.Hang on, I think I hear a song coming on…”Oh it’s chips, it’s chips, it’s lovely chips, it’s chips…’

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